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"Bontà della Sardegna" was born to share the passion for our land with all our customers.

What we offer are not just products, but emotions.

The emotions of finding all that Sardinia represents in a taste or a perfume.

What motivates us in selecting products is to offer others what we ourselves love first, what we ourselves choose for our table and our home.

We consider our customers as friends sitting at our table.

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Sardinian cheese

 The typical cheese of Sardinia. Pecorino, goat cheese, dry ricotta, fresh or aged cheeses.
"Bontà della Sardegna" constantly checks the supply chain of its producers to give a guaranteed product . 

Typical Sardinian bread Carasau

  Traditional pasta and bread, only Sardinian flour and ingredients.
"Bontà della Sardegna" offers you the carasau, the guttiau and the pisoccu. In addition, the Sardinian Fregola and the malloreddus in various formats.  

Salumi Sardi

Typical Sardinian cured meats. Such as   Campidanese sausage, myrtle sausage, wild boar sausage, local salami, raw ham, mustela, pancetta, bacon.

Sardinian honey

Pure Sardinian honey. The Mediterranean scrub allows us to select honey varieties of the highest quality, and with unique nutritional characteristics.

Bottarga in Baffe

Typical fish products of the Sardinian culinary tradition.
Here you can find the famous Bottarga di Muggine processed in Sardinia with a millenary technique.

Sardinian olive grove

Extra virgin olive oil of Sardinian olives, certified organic.
Only uncontaminated oil, directly from the ancient oil mill of Villacidro.


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Gift ideas

In this section you will find suitable products to be a perfect, useful and successful gift.

We are at your disposal to create compositions of products together according to your wishes.

Wine shop

We have selected Sardinian wines of great value,

We love the quality and tradition of the selected wines, produced by those who have made wine a lifestyle.

Sardinian knives

In the past they were tools that were part of the agro-pastoral daily life. Today Sardinian knives reflect the tradition of a not too distant past, enhanced by a much appreciated aesthetic care.

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