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Goodness of Sardinia

Pauli's Cellars


CANTINE PAULI'S - since 1924 #sceltedivite

We have a story behind us that tells of our passion for people and our vocation to make wine for people. In our wines there is the taste of a unique personality and the scent of an unmistakable memory.

There is the flavor of every day and the sweetness of an enchanting thought, in which each person can recognize himself and find his own style.

Linea di Ricordi - the wines linked to the foundation
Personality Line - unmistakable wines with character
Scorci di Cagliari Line - wines dedicated to the city of Cagliari
Every Day Line - the right wines for everyday life
Bubbles and Distillates - our 3 sparkling wines and distilled grappa
Trombelli per Paulis - our limited edition wines
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