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Goodness of Sardinia

San Martino liqueurs

From the Sardinian land we have captured its colors, its soul, its essence, in a path made of passion and respect for tradition, to guarantee every single peculiarity, so as to tell its story and to be appreciated by precious palates with the products Saint martin.

San Martino was founded in 1987 as a factory of artisanal liqueurs and immediately distinguished itself for quality and genuineness by entering the market with the first liqueurs such as red myrtle, white mirto, Limoncello, Filu'e Ferru.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of Maria Antonietta and Alessandro, owners and managers of the company and their children Gabriele and Simone, who have been able to intertwine culture, love and art, San Martino has become an important production reality, conquering both the island market, mainly with a tourist vocation, with different lines of traditional and finely hand-painted bottles, which the market on the peninsula and abroad.

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