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Noi di Bontà della Sardegna

Goodness of Sardinia

A Family Passion

Hi, I'm Pamela, Sarda DOC for generations, a lover of Sardinia and above all of its goodness!

For love I moved to Piedmont at the age of 23, where together with my husband we successfully started and managed a mechanical engineering company.

But with so many ideas and projects in mind, after 16 years we wanted to change our lives, for new adventures.

The first step was to move to Sardinia.We have always loved Sardinia at 360 degrees, especially the lesser-known things, such as the mountains, rivers, lakes but also genuine foods, traditional recipes, history and its mysteries.




We like to know the story of a place and listen to the stories of the people who live there, so we can discover what is behind a particular Sardinian dessert, or a wine, the result of a rare vine, or what is behind the shape of a knife or another product A series of events and casual encounters have transformed our passion into our work. "Bontà della Sardegna" was born to share the passion for our land with all our customers. What we offer are not just products, but emotions The emotions of finding all that Sardinia represents in a taste or perfume. What motivates us in selecting products is to offer others what we ourselves love first, what we ourselves choose for our table and our home.We consider our customers as friends sitting at our table.

La Nostra Passione

Our name comes from all this:
Make the "Goodness of Sardinia" known to the whole world
so with a click you can take home a piece of your heart.

About us


I bought from you and I had a great time, exceptional products, cheeses, meats and everything else. Don't miss the chance.

September 2020



The products are great who tries them once, buys again. The right prices. Sellers are always available. I recommend it !!!

December 2020



Genuine products and excellent professional quality in the delivery service!

May 2021

San Costanzo


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