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Holidays in Sardinia

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Holidays in Sardinia are a problem and the problem is always the same.

Throughout the summer we serve our customers by giving them the best of Sardinian products, over time friendships and sincere comparisons are created, thanks to the fact that throughout the year we keep in touch and often our selection service is chosen and shipment of typical Sardinian products.

But back to the problem: the holidays are too short.

They are always too short when you choose to come to Sardinia.

In Sardinia there is no place that looks like a paradise where you can go there for a short time, because all of Sardinia is a paradise. In Sardinia there are not only hundreds and hundreds of beautiful and unspoiled beaches, one different from the other, in Sardinia there are the Rivers with their breathtaking waterfalls, lakes and mountains. In Sardinia there is not only the Costa Smeralda (I would say that the Costa Smeralda is not in Sardinia), actually every town or "Bitta" is to be discovered and visited. It must be done with calm and reverent silence. You have to stop and talk to the locals and be told the story.

In Sardinia the Nuragic civilization is still alive and well, under our feet and around us, but we must know how to look.

Typical Sardinian Products:

anche questi sono un problema. Vuoi un prodotto tipico Sardo? Sì ma di dove?

I formaggi, i salumi, i dolci e la cucina stessa sono strettamente legati al territorio. In Sardegna "paese che vai formaggio che trovi"

Ecco l'importanza della selezione che va oltre al marchio e che va affidata sempre e solo a chi ama la Sardegna e non smette di scoprire i suoi segreti.

Problem solved.

We have Italian and foreign tourists who reach us in Sardinia every year, some seem to have always done so, some for 10 years, some 20, some 30. All, however, dream of staying there forever.

We offer you to entrust your holidays to those who have the same passion as us.

Best Vacation Ever

is the team that can do for you because it has crossed its path with Bontà della Sardegna

All the fault of the passion for a paradise with a name: Sardinia

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