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Sardinia far from the sea.

Sardinia far from the sea is undoubtedly the most fascinating part of this millenary island.

Welcome to Davide Mocci's documentary on central Sardinia, a land imbued with history, culture, and unique traditions, far from the noise of the sea but full of charm and authenticity.

Let's walk together along the paths of the past, discovering emblematic figures who have left their mark on the territory: the Attitadoras and the Campanari. They embody the essence of the Sardinian community, passing down stories and legends to the new generations, while the waves of globalization try to reach these remote lands.

We venture into the majestic mountains of the Gennargentu, a mountain range that holds unique natural treasures despite the marks of time and human interventions. Centuries-old forests and millennia-old trees stand as silent sentinels of the island's history. The extraordinary and pristine nature of the Gennargentu captivates us, reminding us of the wonder that the land can offer when respected and protected.

And then there's the chestnut harvest, an engaging festival that used to enthuse entire families. Even today, faithful to ancient traditions, communities gather to collect this delicious fruit of the land. The mountains still resonate with manual activities and ancient crafts, such as the Sonaggiargios and the intarsiators, who create unique works of art with patience and mastery.

In the heart of the mountains, life flows with calm and authentic rhythms. Skilled hands hide here, creating bread and cheese, witnesses of a millennia-old culinary culture passed down from generation to generation.

Watching this documentary, we realize that central Sardinia is much more than just a geographical location; it is a mosaic of emotions, memories, and connections to the land. We immerse ourselves in a reality that resists time and modernity, preserving its original spirit.

Each scene involves us, making us desire to immerse ourselves even more in this culture and its authentic cuisine. That's why, to satisfy our curiosity and appetite, we can rely on the e-commerce. It offers us a varied assortment of Sardinian food products, directly from the land we are passionate about.

In conclusion, Davide Mocci's documentary offers us an exciting journey to the heart of central Sardinia, far from the sea but rich in history, nature, and traditions. It invites us to discover and appreciate the beauty of an authentic territory and to satisfy our desire to taste the exquisite Sardinian products available on A choice that allows us to bring the taste and soul of this fascinating Italian region to our table. Bon voyage and enjoy your meal!

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